Adding a Facebook Profile

In the ‘Introduction‘, you’d have learnt all about setting up a Selasdia account, logging into it, and configuring the tracker.

In the article on ‘Adding a Twitter profile‘, you’d have learnt all about adding a Twitter profile.

This quick start guide will teach you configure Selasdia to read and send messages from your Facebook account.

This step integrates Selasdia with your Facebook account.

Configuring a Facebook Profile

In order to let Selasdia control your Facebook account, you will need to provide your account name. You will also have to log into your Facebook account.

The account name is the name that you see in your browser window when you navigate to the page or profile that you want to use.

For example, the Selasdia facebook page has the account name ‘selasdia.the.intelligent.sales.assistant’ as you can see in the screenshot below.

Remember that at no time during the process, or at any time in future, do you ever need to give your Facebook password to Selasdia or to any representative from Aiaioo Labs (phishing trip-wire).

After logging into Facebook, check that the account you desire to use is listed in the “Use Facebook as” list at the top right of the Facebook page.

Now create a new Facebook profile (from the View drop down in the home page, select Facebook Profiles, then click New Facebook Profile) and enter the Facebook page’s account name.

Check ‘Is Default’ and ‘Is Listening’ if you plan to pull messages from this profile. ‘Is Default’ makes this the account from which messages are sent.

Press the ‘Save’ button. Facebook will ask you to approve the Selasdia application. Once you approve the application, the Facebook profile will be ready!


You have just given Selasdia access to your Facebook account.

Now if you like, you can learn about running campaigns to engage your customers and prospects.