Engaging Prospects

In the previous article ‘Gathering leads‘, you learnt all about tracking conversations on social media.

This quick start guide will get you started engaging your prospects and customers.

Manual Promotion

Once you have identified a prospect, you would want to get in touch.

There are ways to automatically reach out to prospects.

But the simplest way to get in touch is by writing a manual reply!

Automatic Promotion: Create a Campaign

However, you can also reach out to prospects automatically.

For that, you need to create a campaign.

Remember, you can do this only if you have manager-level access to the project.

I am just planning to send a Twitter message, so I have not filled in the subject, long text and footer fields which are used in email messages.

The campaign will run on all people in the verified list …

The campaign is ready to go!

Start the campaign!

Step 2: Respond to Suggestions

Once your campaign is running, Selasdia finds people who might respond positively to the campaign and tailors your messaging to them.

But it doesn’t send the messages. Selasdia stores them up for approval and you’ll get an alert on the homepage.

You can now go to the suggestions page and send out just the ones that you wish to send. Just approve or reject the suggestions.

The suggestions list looks like this …

We reject the first suggestion and accept the second.

Selasdia will send the message at the time that is most appropriate (when the prospect is likely to be most active).

That’s all you need to do to run a social media marketing campaign!


You can now use Selasdia to engage prospects!