Introduction to Selasdia

Selasdia can make Sales and Marketing Processes using Social Media more effective. It can:

  1. Identify prospects who fit the customer model
  2. Analyse prospects
  3. Store customer information
  4. Monitor existing customers’ needs
  5. Suggest ways to engage customers and prospects to promote your products and brands
  6. Analyse your brands, your competitors and the market

Model your customer

As a starting point, a model of your customer will need to be created for Selasdia. Different sets of keywords model conversations, user profiles and locations on social media. Enter sets of phrases that prospects might use to describe their work, to describe themselves, and to describe locations.

When you start the tracker, it will begin to search social media for ‘phrases to track’ (which models what your customers might talk about). The status of the tracker will appear at the top of the home page and you can restart or stop tracking using the blue control buttons

Selasdia will automatically analyse the messages and identify purchase intent and even inquiries, which could lead you to potential customers.

A word to the wary

Explicit expressions of interest are not frequently detected on social media except for really cool products (the iPhone being a very good example). But that won’t necessarily stop Selasdia as you will see below.

Monitor Existing Customers’ Needs

In order to listen to and nurture your existing customers, you will need to add a Twitter profile to the project. Any messages addressed to the Twitter account (@username) show up in Selasdia’s Inbox. Selasdia can listen to all the people being followed on Twitter (by that account) to identify opportunities for repeat sales.

You can also listen to conversations on your Facebook page by adding a Facebook profile to the project.

Store Customer Information

In order to listen to your customers, you have to store customer details and social media contact information somewhere. Selasdia provides a powerful and flexible storage engine for customer information and communications.

Analyse Prospects

The tracker acts as Selasdia’s eyes and ears. But Selasdia also has a brain. It can go through the profiles of people on social media and mark them as leads, experts, media, etc. Here is a screenshot of a report that Selasdia produced.

Find prospects

These screenshots are from a real project. We are using Selasdia to find leads for Selasdia. The second row contains a lead! (see the analysis below)

Promote Products

Now that we have identified a prospect, we can get in touch. There are ways to automatically reach out to prospects. But for now, let’s write them a manual reply!

Analyse Brands and Markets

Selasdia is built in with powerful intention and sentiment analysis capabilities. You can use the capability to compute several powerful metrics.

Read more about them in our whitepaper on Intention Analysis Business Use Cases.


You have been introduced to Selasdia! Now if you like, you can learn about finding new customers in more detail. If you don’t have an account yet, open a Selasdia account.