Adding a Yahoo Search Profile

In the ‘Introduction‘, you’d have learnt all about setting up a Selasdia account, logging into it, and configuring the tracker.

This quick start guide will teach you how to configure Selasdia to search using the Yahoo BOSS Search API.

This step integrates Selasdia with your Yahoo account.

Configuring a Yahoo Profile

In order to let Selasdia search the web, you have to supply it with a Yahoo API Key.

You can get this from Yahoo by going to and logging in using your Yahoo account.

Click on “My BOSS Projects” if you have already created a Yahoo BOSS project.

You will now see a list of projects in a screen that looks like the following.

If you don’t have any existing projects, use the “Create a project” button (seen in the image above) to create a new Yahoo Web-Based Project.
Make sure you check “I want to enable Yahoo BOSS for this project” as shown in the following screenshot.

Once you have created the application with Yahoo BOSS enabled, click on the name of the application in the “My Projects” screen to view the application details.
Your Customer Key and Customer Secret are at the top of the page.

Pricing and Billing

The pricing details for the API are available at