Identify and assess what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand. Mine text for different sets of keywords that model conversations, user profiles and locations on social media.


Selasdia provides message-level analytics and user-level analytics. Analyse sentiments and intentions to purchase, inquire, wish, complain, sell, inform, praise and criticise to make business decisions and serve your customers better. Identify potential buyers, key influencers, experts and enthusiasts.


Selasdia simplifies how you reach out to your customers. Reply, tweet, share, post or like messages from your dashboard. Nurture existing customers and engage new prospects at opportune times and in a relevant context with the help of Selasdia. Run manual or automated marketing campaigns using email and newsletters.


Communicate the value of your product or service effectively to the right people on social media. Selasdia's marketing campaigns let you create awareness, trust and brand loyalty. Its analytics help in capturing marketing insights, creating long-term growth with customers and developing marketing strategies and plans.


Selasdia supports lead capturing on social media by spotting inquiries about relevant subjects, finding people with needs you can satisfy, finding people with relevant likings and jobs, locating dissatisfied customers looking for alternatives and locating opportunities in a geography of interest.


Selasdia identifies customer service issues and lets you reach out to affected customers and solve their problems. Selasdia helps you to provide timely service through your Facebook or Twitter page and improves customer satisfaction. Selasdia can sort through emails to a customer service email address and identify operational requests, inquiries or complaints.



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  1. Tutorial on Intention Analysis


  1. On lead generation for sales using intention analysis.
  2. On customer service using intention analysis.
  3. On 360 degree text analytics.


  1. Intention analysis in English
  2. Sentiment analysis in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and more.

Research Publications

  1. Paper on Natural Language Programming presented at IJCNLP 2011 and the Slides.

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