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Example 5 (Indonesian): Saya tidak suka toyota baru.        [api]

Example 6 (Chinese Traditional): 我不喜歡新的豐田.        [api]

Example 7 (Chinese Simplified): 我不喜欢新的丰田.        [api]

Example 8 (French): Je n'aime pas trop la nouvelle Toyota.        [api]

Example 10 (Spanish): No me gusta el nuevo Toyota.        [api]

Example 11 (Portuguese): Eu não gosto do novo Toyota.        [api]

Example 12 (Italian): Non mi piace la nuova toyota.        [api]

Example 14 (Swahili): Mimi si kama toyota mpya.        [api]

Example 15 (Norwegian): Jeg føler at bilen er ikke pen.        [api]

Examples of non-opinionated sentences

Most sentiment analysis tools were originally designed with reviews on review sites in mind. In order to process messages on social media, we need to understand users' intentions:

Example 1 (intent to inquire): Is the Reva a good car?        [api]

Example 2 (to direct): Please look for a good Reva car.        [api]

Example 3 (to buy): I want to buy a gorgeous little Reva!        [api]

Example 4 (to sell): I have a Reva in perfect condition for sale!        [api]

Example 5 (intention to wish): I wish my Reva turns out perfect!        [api]

As you can see, these sentences are not meant to convey sentiment.