Aiaioo Labs


Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To help firms fully leverage their data assets through the use of natural language processing tools and technologies
  2. To help firms reduce their product development cost and risks (for any products that use machine learning or natural language processing).

We can assist text analytics consultants by:

We can support product development in the following ways:

Some self-funded operations might not be able to afford us. In some such cases, we could work out alternative payment options.

If you have a data processing need that you'd like to get an opinion about, we can provide you with a free first consulting session.


Our strategy is to hire the best and retain the best researchers and practitioners in natural language processing, machine learning and linguists.

In order to keep growing as a lab, we wish to provide our associates and employees with a research environment and help them do good research and publish it. We wish to sustain the lab through projects that we do for the natural language processing ecosystem which also includes text analytics and data mining consultancies and startups working on product development.

We believe that we would be better able to bring value to the technology side of analysing text rather than to the consulting and business side. So, in order to complete the client offerings, we would partner with consultants and professional service organizations on a regular and continuing basis.


Our services are designed to:


There are product solutions available for various canned text analysis tasks. Buying a text-processing component from us helps reduce the risk and cost to the client (and saves them a lot of time) since:

Open Frameworks

Sometimes, open-source frameworks are available for free and offer a better alternative to building a component in-house (especially when the component does not need to be distributed commercially). We can help you customise and deploy products using the following open frameworks: