Cami in Brief

Jul 11, 09:43 PM

Cami (Competitive Analysis and Market Intelligence) can capture information that is invaluable to inbound market intelligence operations like:

Media Impact Analysis

Cami can gauge the media buzz generated by a PR campaign.

Customer Impact Analysis

Cami can track the impact the media campaign is having on the customer.

Pre-launch Analysis

Cami can identify what people are hoping to see in a product prior to its launch.

Pre-launch Sentiment

It is possible to identify trends in customers’ willingness to give a new product a try.

Post Launch Issues

We can identify any problems people are having with the product.

Customer Sentiment

We can track how much people like or dislike a product, service or brand.

Critical Sentiment

We can track when people want to change a service provider.


Cami can identify what products a new product is being compared to, and what uses it could be put to.

Cohan Sujay Carlos



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