Pocket Sphinx and Vaklipi

Jun 7, 06:55 PM

Imagine a day when spoken language sentences can be recognized perfectly by a machine.

It suddenly becomes much easier and more natural to issue commands and pose queries in a natural language, rather than, say in XML. Imagine speaking a C program to someone, syntax and all. That would be really weird!

We recently evaluated spoken language programming by combining a speech recognizer with Vaklipi, our fifth generation programming language.

The results were frankly disappointing.

Here’s a sample conversation between me and my computer:

Cohan : b is equal to two.
Sphinx hears: b is e equal to two.
Vaklipi [error]: I can’t understand …
Cohan : b equals two.
Sphinx: b equals two.
Cohan : What is b.
Sphinx: What is 8.
Vaklipi : 8.0
Cohan : What is b.
Sphinx: What is b.
Vaklipi: 2.0

I think I’ll wait a few more years ;)

Cohan Sujay Carlos



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