Vaklipi Experiment

May 5, 12:10 AM

Thanks to everyone who filled out the long and tedious questionnaire to help us evaluate the algorithms used in Vaklipi for a research paper.

The paper we submitted to IJCNLP in 2011 titled Natural Language Programming Using Class Sequential Rules was accepted to the conference, and so we traveled to Chiang Mai in Thailand in November 2011 to make an oral presentation of the paper to our peers.

Here is a demonstration of Vaklipi as a programming tool.

It contains ‘Fibonacci Number Generator’ programs in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.

There are millions of students who study mainly in these languages, and they might some day be able to learn programming using systems such as VakLipi.

Here’s a demo of Vaklipi as a tool for translating math problems into other languages

Cohan Sujay Carlos

Data Collection,



  1. That was nice exercise. Would like to know the result.

    Prakash Pimpale · May 5, 10:09 AM · #

  2. I think that your text suggestions are leading. Also, I’m a programmer, not sure if you want my input!!

    Vijay Ramachandran · May 5, 10:50 AM · #

  3. Firslty, submit buttons somehow doesnt seem to be working since i dont get any message after submitting. And second, its quite tedious to click submit each time. It would be great if there were a submit all button also.

    Nithin · May 5, 11:00 AM · #

  4. @Vijay: I have changed the suggestions a bit. Hope it doesn’t get too leading now. We're not restricting it to non-programmers either.

    @Nithin: A message appears if the submit works. So, the javascript may not be working right on your browser. Please look for a message every time you click submit.

    Cohan · May 5, 11:08 AM · #

  5. You guys are doing a great job..

    Abhinav Pundir · May 5, 11:18 AM · #

  6. It would have been better if you keep single submit button in the page.

    Its good work Cohan. go ahead

    chinnappa · May 6, 11:03 AM · #

  7. Questionnaire is good in order to extract normal usage of english sentences for programming.

    Vamshi Krishna Reddy · May 6, 01:00 PM · #

  8. I should be paid for this..:)

    Praveen · May 7, 07:57 AM · #

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