Apr 25, 01:43 PM

Thanks to all the people filled out the surveys we sent out and helped evaluate Vaklipi. We also thank the people who helped us port the system to other languages like: Kannada (Ms. K. G. Padma Lekha, Mr. K. G. Srikanta Dani, Dr. K. R. Ganesha, and Mr. Rupesh Kumar G.), Tamil (Mrs. Linda Christy and Dr. S. Carlos), Hindi (Mr. Kartik Asooja of Aiaioo Labs and Mr. Chandra Bhan Asooja), French (M. Sammy Ben Rabah, M. Yann Jouanique et Mme. Fanny Jouanique), German (Hartmut Wege, Judith Klein und Deepica Rao), Chinese (under development – Dright Ho), Japanese (Jojo Baby), Polish (under development – Joanna Lupinska – Asia), Telugu (under development – Mrs. Meenakshi Jami).

Cohan Sujay Carlos



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